We did it: our fundraising success in 2017!

Mar 20, 2018 | 0 comments

In April 2017, we launched the CG100 campaign; 100 people each raising £500 to help put and end to social isolation and loneliness. We were thrilled with success of the campaign which reached it’s £50,000 target!

Actually, to say we were thrilled is an understatement, and it’s all thanks to the contributions of every single person who took part in the campaign!  Hundreds of fantastic fundraisers backed by many, many more people, took the campaign to their hearts and we couldn’t be more grateful.

CG 100 Logo
The £50,000 raised is being used to fund innovative and exciting community development projects tackling social isolation and loneliness throughout Scotland.  Examples include:

  • Supporting the Social Committee in Falkirk, a group of people with complex disabilities to organise a series of events for people to get together with old and new friends.
  • Working with our team in North East Glasgow organising a series of fun events to bring together people at risk of isolation to make connections and to explore mutual interests together.
  • Community Compass, a social prescribing project based in Craigmilllar in Edinburgh which helps link isolated people with their communities.  Click here to hear from people in their own words how Community Compass has helped them.

Do check out the fundraising page of the Carr Gomm website for some fantastic memories of the CG100, along with our previous fundraising efforts.

So, whilst we were sad to say goodbye to the CG100, we are now very excited for the launch of our new 2018 fundraising campaign. Join Team Carr Gomm today and help us Stomp Out Loneliness!





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