We think one of the most exciting aspects of Craigmillar Community Grows is the work Karin our Community Development Worker does with local schoolchildren, and that work happens in many different places, not just in school.

Earlier this year children from Niddrie Mill Primary School’s Nurture Group visited Craigmillar Library to play table tennis in the garden. In no time Karin and the and the group’s teachers were chatting about the garden and the work the project does there. Soon the children were also involved trying herbs and playing ‘hunt the snail’!

The Nurture Group offers alternative opportunities for children who find the school environment difficult and the teachers were delighted by how much the children enjoyed the activities in the garden. So much so they are keen to return regularly in the new term.

This kind of bespoke support is key to the success of Craigmillar Community Grows as is Karin’s experience of working with people all of all ages and finding innovative and safe ways of engaging with them.

Craigmillar Community Grows, like all our community development projects, is funded entirely through grants and donations. You can help support this and our other community projects and activities by signing up to Team Carr Gomm, our latest fundraising campaign.

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