Introducing Team Carr Gomm

Apr 28, 2018 | 0 comments

We are delighted to announce the launch of Carr Gomm’s 2018 fundraising campaign: Team Carr Gomm. The aim of the campaign is to Stomp Out Loneliness in communities across Scotland by raising £30,000 to fund our local projects and activities.

To achieve this, we are looking for 300 people to sign up and each raise £100. We are asking each person to pledge a target distance which will be added to our 1,000 mile virtual route around Scotland; and if 300 people sign up, who knows how many laps of our route we will be able to complete?!

You can clock up your miles however you like – be it walking, dancing, swimming, in a wheelchair push, or by doing leg raises whilst sitting in a chair – as long as you are active, social and raise some money along the way.

How you fundraise whilst getting active is entirely up to you; you may wish to choose an activity and ask people to sponsor you; or perhaps you could organise a sports day and people pay a few pounds to come along – you could even hold a raffle at the same time. The possibilities are endless.

All about inclusion

Although we are raising money to fund our projects and work, we want the campaign itself to tackle the issue of loneliness; which is why our focus is on bringing people together through whatever activities they choose.

We’ve set up a designated Facebook Group for the campaign in order to help create our very own Team Carr Gomm community, providing everyone involved in the campaign with a private space to chat, connect with people in the same area as each other and, who knows, even start an event together! To join, simply search “Team Carr Gomm” on Facebook and click “Join”.

Team Carr Gomm has been created with everyone in mind, so you can get involved no matter your age or level of fitness and mobility; we want everyone to know they are included. Our aim, therefore, is to be able to convert every single activity, exercise or movement (even abseiling, throws of a ball or physio exercises in a wheelchair) into miles which can then be added to our 1,000 mile route.

We have created a Movement Converter, available on our campaign site, so you can convert your activity of choice into meters and miles; and you’ll be surprised how quickly the meters add up!

In need of inspiration?

Our campaign site is full of inspirational ideas, upcoming events, and our very own Fundraising Pack and A-Z of Activities, along with plenty of other downloadable materials.

The Fundraising Team is here to help; if you have any queries, or would like to get involved but are not sure how, please get in touch and we’ll come up with something together. Email or call 0131 659 4777.

We look forward to welcoming you to Team Carr Gomm!

Be active | Be social | Be Team Carr Gomm


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