Getting your miles in for Team Carr Gomm

May 24, 2018 | 0 comments

So you’re thinking of signing up for Team Carr Gomm but aren’t sure how you’re going hit your distance target. Wonder no more! We’ve got lots of great ideas of how you can get your miles in whatever your age, fitness or mobility level, and have fun doing it!
You can clock up your miles however you like – be it walking, dancing, swimming, in a wheelchair push, or by doing leg raises whilst sitting in a chair – as long as you are active, social and raise some money along the way.

Here’s some ideas to get you started as well as some inspiration from some members of Team Carr Gomm:

• Turns of a wheelchair count like steps, so get sponsored to travel to the local shop every day, measure your distance and add it to your miles travelled.
• Walk to work and donate your bus fare or petrol money to Team Carr Gomm
• Get sponsored to cycle to work every day for a month – one hour of casual cycling equates to 10 miles
• Leg raises count like steps, so get sponsored for your chosen number of raises, measure your distance and add to your distance travelled.
• Walk the Dundee or Edinburgh Kiltwalk (free places) and choose your distance: 26 miles, 12 miles or 6 miles – five members of Team Carr Gomm have already racked up the miles at the Glasgow event
• Hold a Danceathon – which has already raised over £600 and clocked up 300 miles for one member of Team Carr Gomm
• Get out on the golf course and aim for those birdies – get sponsored to beat your course record. An average round of golf equates to 3.5 miles

All this and more can be found in our A-Z of Activities on the Team Carr Gomm website and our Movement Convertor helps you to convert virtually any activity into miles.

Once you’ve signed up don’t forget to update your profile with the number of miles travelled, we’ll add your miles to everyone else’s and together we’ll have travelled all around Scotland raising money to fund projects and activities tackling social isolation and loneliness!

If you haven’t signed up to Team Carr Gomm why not? Do it now at and together we can Stomp out Loneliness!

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