Terms and Conditions

I agreed to some Terms and Conditions when I signed up. What were they?
  1. You are fundraising ‘in aid of’ Carr Gomm, not ‘on behalf of’, even if you are a Carr Gomm employee. This means that you are acting as a volunteer who is fundraising in an informal capacity. It also means you have far more freedom to be creative about how you raise money.
  2. We want to celebrate you joining Team Carr Gomm! By signing up to the campaign, you are agreeing to your name and your team members’ names being shared by Carr Gomm, on the campaign site, in campaign news and updates, and Carr Gomm’s social media, as well as any content that you tag Carr Gomm in or that you share on Carr Gomm’s social media.
  3. You must not damage the reputation of Carr Gomm through your fundraising activities or communications. This includes any activity/posts/content on your own social media and to any of Carr Gomm’s social media sites.
  4. You must ensure that you have gained permission/consent from people in any photos of your fundraising activity prior to you posting or sharing them, whether that be on your own social media or Carr Gomm’s.
  5. You are solely responsible for all fundraising activities and any costs, loss or injury that may arise to yourself or anyone else whilst undertaking such activities.
  6. All paper sponsor forms containing names and addresses of donors must be passed to Carr Gomm’s Fundraising Team.
  7. All donations pledged/received from sponsors must be paid to Carr Gomm no later than 28 days after receipt.
  8. All donations made by cheque from the donor must be made payable to Carr Gomm.
  9. You must get the permission of the owner of any premises (including shops and pubs) before collecting or fundraising on their premises.
  10. You must get a licence from your local authority (if necessary) before holding a raffle or lottery.
  11. You must not carry out public or house-to-house collections.

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